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Dance magic, dance

Heeyy!! If you guys used to watch me on twitch as Junglekitty, I’m not SpitBubbles and starting all over so add me and like me if you haven’t already so you can keep up with my new vids  n sheet

Anonymous Asked:
Glad you're kinda back, were missed! Followed your youtube and twitter!

My answer:

you’re so amazing thank you for your support i’ll be back up and running soon ;)

loweryourstandards Asked:
hi megan. you're cute as hell and i hope you're doing alright because we haven't talked in a long time

My answer:

hii :) i’ve been woking way too much but hey look for me on facebook spitbubbles and you’ll see me a lot moree soon

leycort Asked:
agh Meg, youre such a beautiful starseed ! so heart-meltinggggggggggggggggggggggg :)

My answer:

Thank you Leycort!!!


John Totleben



Outtakes from my shoot with MTV’s Girl Code cast member Tanisha Long.  Click HERE to read the New York Observer article.




milkshakes! the next comic for my minicomics class completed. now i gotta scram to the office depot and get this business PRINTED!!

idk i love girls, i love girls in love. enjoy

dilly dally shilly shally
My name is Megan. 19. Gamertag: SpitBubbles. PS3, 360, Steam. I like video games, gore, Asian culture, psychology, music, art, women, the mind, cats, Indian food.

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